Welcome to the online headquarters of The Yalloppin’ Hounds, the world famous swing band, and pioneers of “Ghetto Swing.”

The first swing band in the world to combine the elements of traditional Swing with Hip-Hop stylings, creating a unique and excitingly fresh hybrid. The band, currently weighing in at seven pieces, sounds like a much bigger group, due to the tight section riffing by the horns, and the constant driving beat. Contrary to many early misconceptions, the Hounds are neither neo-craze jump band nor a rap crew; they are a group of musicians and vocalists of the highest caliber; a swing band which grooves hard with relaxed precision. Since their first incarnation in 1998, the Hounds have grown from a vibrantly authentic swing band to producing some of the most universal and original music of the millennium.

"You guys are HOT!"Karen Armatrading (Mama Lu Parks Dancers)
“It was a pleasure to have you out. You guys started on time and held to the schedule you promised, which makes any organizers life easy. Philly loves you guys…that was probably the coolest swing event Philly's seen in a very long time."Sunit (Uptown Swing)
"Ghetto Swing is Dope! I love to swing dance but the way you guys mix, blend, and renew it with hip-hop makes listening to the music so much better. The swing/hip-hop beats are smooth. You guys are no joke!"Local Regulator (NYC fan)
"Cavaseno (G-Clef), who writes a lot of dark, sharply swinging, eminently danceable charts for the band, sails smoothly on alto..."Chip DeFaa (New York Post)
"An incredible experience!! They were phenomenal to say the least. Every song was played with such power and dynamism that it totally blew our socks off!!!!! They really are that good. We kept stepping back and congratulating ourselves for landing such a great band. The sound is powerful and expressive and rhythmic, with solo after solo of supercharged zesty tasteful swing. We feel they are the best anywhere, anytime."Brian Gasser Bennett (Connecticut Swing Dance Society)
“They have the distinction of having some of the best musicians in town in their band, plus one of the most charismatic front men I've ever seen in Lord Sledge, whose dead-on Louis Armstrong sound ain't no parody...it's perfection. The band's closing rap/swing number was an amazing highlight at the last night of Swing Mania! at NYC's Webster Hall...bringing together the swing crowd leaving the venue and the techno/rap crowd coming in. They are the only band I know of right now that not only deeply care about pleasing dancers, but are also willing to risk everything to infuse hip-hop into some of their material.”Lo-Fi Lee Sobel (NYC Music Promoter)
"The only thing predictable about the Hounds is that the crowd will love them every night! The real stuff laid out by Sledge and G-Clef who have played with the likes of Panama Francis, Illinois Jacquet, Lionel Hampton etc. and formed this small combo that sounds like a big band.”Alan Sugarman (New York Swing Dance Society)

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