The Hounds have always been the first choice for any event. Contact us now so we can reserve your date!

The Yalloppin’ Hounds have performed at every type of venue and event. The unique thing about us is that we fit almost anywhere, and are not limited to any particular type of audience. We are both high quality musicians and performers, capable of putting on a great show or even providing background music for your private affair. We have worked in that capacity for everyone from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to playing for the Mayor of New York City himself at Gracie Mansion! We can D.J. our own break sets, and we have our own sound system if needed. However we are at our most comfortable simply performing in front of crowds. We combine the sophistication of Jazz with the rawness of Hip-Hop, and there is simply no other band like us anywhere. The variety of sounds, rhythms, and soulful high energy never leaves the crowd wanting anything but more! We have toured all over the U.S. and Europe, playing colleges, music festivals, swing dances, clubs, churches and everything in between.

We are professional and responsible, and have been working professionally as a group since 1998.


Joey “G-Clef” Cavaseno

p. 516.286.1578


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