The Yalloppin’ Hounds feature three core members, who are not only instrumentalists but vocalists as well.

Joey G-Clef Cavaseno

Joey “G-Clef” Cavaseno (leader/composer/arranger/saxophone/vocals)

Joey Cavaseno aka G-Clef da Mad Komposa  was not only one of the founding members of the Hounds, but also is the musical director, penning all the original compositions the band has played and recorded, as well as writing the band’s arrangements. He has been active within both the Jazz and Hop-Hop worlds for years, and has recorded and performed with such greats as Doc Cheatham, Illinois Jacquet, Panama Francis, Arvell Shaw and the Louis Armstrong Legacy Band and many others. He has been responsible for several innovations in music including being one of the originators of Jazz-Hip-Hop with his group Ghetto Philharmonic. As an alto saxophonist he is known for a smooth, sailing sound with a a bebop edge. His vocal numbers are usually the more bluesy, humorous style, most notably one of the Hounds’ hits “Oops, My Bad”. The New York Post said, “Cavaseno (G-Clef), who writes a lot of dark, sharply swinging, eminently danceable charts for the band, sails smoothly on alto…”

For his complete bio go here.

Brian Lord Sledge

Brian “Lord” Sledge (trumpet/vocals)

Lord Sledge was also a founding member of the Hounds, and is known for his charismatic presence at the front of the band. Formerly a featured member of the legendary Ska band the Toasters, he has toured all over the world. He also was featured in the role of Louis Armstrong in the national tour of the Broadway Show “Ella”. He is known for both his soul-shattering vocal range, as well as a great Louis Armstrong impression that has been called “beyond imitation”. He has also worked with luminaries of Jazz such as Arvell Shaw and the Louis Armstrong Legacy Band, Illinois Jacquet, and Panama Francis. The New York Post said of him, ” You’ll get your kicks when he cuts loose with his high-note, high pressure work, in a Charlie Shavers tradition.”

Peter Hartmann

Peter Hartmann (bass/vocals)

Peter Hartmann, also nicknamed the “Voice of Romance” is the principal singer in the Hounds. Having played acoustic bass, swung, and sung with the band since 2001, he is an integral part of the band’s sound, as many of G-Clef’s original songs are crafted for Peter specifically. His bass playing is the pulse that gives life to the band and dancers alike, and his velvety, smooth tenor vocals have been likened to a “swinging Thom Yorke” for failure of finding any comparison to his unique style. He is also known for occasionally whipping out an uncanny Frank Sinatra as well. Peter has recorded and performed with many well-known Jazz greats.

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